The sensational medical revolution 
on the brink of the 21st century

About the Author

1942 born in 66386 St. Ingbert.

1962 German universities' required entrance exam abroad in Feldkirch/Vorarlberg, Austria, at the Stella Matutina, a renowned humanistic Gymnasium (college preparatory school) run by Swiss Jesuits.

1967 Completed degree in translating (French-English, at the Interpreters' Institute of the University of Saarland); during which and thereafter teaching for 21/2years as foreign language teacher at the Gymnasium in Châlons-sur-Marne, Champagne, France, and at the public Gymnasium in Meppen/Ems, Lower Saxony, Germany.

1969 through 1975 Medical school at the University of Bonn, the last years of which I spent in a work-study position in bacteriology; this was a most formative time, especially for increasing my understanding of bacteria in medicine, and for how bacteria work as time bombs causing subsequent illnesses.

1977-1980 University Ophthalmology Clinic in Ulm; during and following this time, I also served as emergency doctor on call in and around the city of Ulm (day and night) for approximately 1000 assignments, a responsibility which fostered independent medical knowledge and skill.

As of March 1982 private practice as ophthalmologist in Günzburg.

Many thanks to my teachers at the Stella Matutina in Feldkirch/Voralberg, who sometimes seemed slow to me but who were very thorough, for whom achievement and discipline counted more than what meets the eye; also, I would like to thank the renowned neurologist Prof. Kornhuber of Ulm, from whom I learned how to get to the core of important correlations simply through logical thinking.

April 1998